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A Wilderness Retreat

Covering over 600 acres of gorges, creeks, mountains and rainforest, Wollemi House boasts a range of natural and historical treasures.

  • A convict build sawmill and road along Bowen’s Creek
  • Spectacular sandstone gorge
  • Lush creek-side rainforest and beautiful swimming holes
  • Brilliant mountain views
  • Pristine bushland with a variety of natural features such as caves, rock-formations, giant trees, waterfalls and hanging swamps
  • A large variety of native fauna – we have seen (or heard): lyrebirds, koalas, wallabys, an assortment of frog calls, water dragons, echidnas, possums and more! View images>>>

Pioneering History

A pioneer of the Bilpin region, Leuitenent George Bowen was granted land and convicts in the 1800’s. Ruins of his efforts can be seen alongside Bowen’s Creek, include the remains of a saw mill and convict built road. View map…

Bowen’s Creek Lookout and Hanging Swamp

Immediatly down hill of Wollemi House is a spectacular lookout over Bowens Creek. This is a beutiful and serene place – especially during the twilight hours. Take your time, relax and soak up the views to the gentle sounds of frogs and insects.  Below the lookout is a large and open hanging swamp that contains a variety of native flora, and even a wallaby if you are lucky. View map…

Bowen’s Creek

Bowen’s Creek is well-known for its steep gorge that joins the Wollangambe River Canyon. While a descent into the deep valley is usually difficult, a small stretch of creek has been made easily accessible from Wollemi House. The walk is entirely within the property and can be found by following the fire trail that continues past the driveway entrance. A sign post at the bottom of the hill marks the beginning of the path to the creek. The walk takes you through sections of wet rainforest and underneath an overhanging cave. Take a dip in the pristine water or explore the convict ruins. View map…

Other activities in the region>>>

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