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Wollemi Wilderness

‘Remote’ and ‘undiscovered’ are the two words that best describe the Wollemi Wilderness. The inner area of the park can only be reached by long overnight hikes through thick scrub and rugged bush. A maze of ridges and gorges make this country extremely difficult to navigate – small creeks quickly turn into inpenetrable canyons and deceptive slopes rise suddenly into impassable grags. It is no wonder that this wilderness has kept secrets like the Wollemi Pine hidden for so long.

Thankfull, some of the parks more popular areas are well-trodden and located close to Wollemi House. The following small selection of walks offer a glimpse of the vast world that lays beyond.

Newnes Area>>>

Once a mining town, the Newes area now represents a near labbyrinth of firetrails, old train tracks, tunnels and foot pads that provide relatively easy access to some of the more remote and unique places in the Blue Mountains region.

Colo Gorge via Mountain Lagoon and the T3 Track

Behold, ‘The End of the Earth’ – a rock lookout with extensive views over the Wollemi Wilderness. The walk begins at the far end of the rock platform where a foot track picks up and heads down the ridge. Upon decending to the river there are spectacular sights of the Colo Gorge, one of the largest gorges in Australia. Enjoy a swim and quench your thirst in the pristine waters before returning for the climb back out. 4hrs return.

Wollangambe River via Mt Wilson

This is an easy walk from Mt. Wilson Fire Station and which leads to the clear (and cold!) waters of Wollangambe River. Enjoy the narrow gorge from the lookout or descend into its cool depths to experience the wild magic of this untouched river.

More Blue Mountains activities near Wollemi House>>>

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